Slide center and Event display

Slide Center is a MeetMe advanced functionality. It allows you to gather speakers’ presentations, group them together with event sessions and associate them to different halls and displays.

Video Direction

Event display MeetMe function allows the Direction staff in the halls to manage the projected visuals.

How does it work

  1. Event displays are created in MeetMe and then associated to halls and sessions
  2. The diplay layout is based on a HTML code like the one used for web pages. The layouts can be created by using standard templates, e.g. including subtitles, speaker’s name and surname, session etc.
  3. Through an intuitive interface the multimedia material is grouped by hall, speaker and session
  4. The schedule can be modified quickly. If a session lasts more than expected, next sessions can be easily and quickly rescheduled
  5. PowerPoint presentations checking: graphic resolution and link to external videos
  6. NA device with HDMI and VGA output is used in the video direction to recover video streams from the Display (presentations, videos etc.)
  7. It is possible to manage the content timeline and their duration directly with the Direction tools
  8. Besides the display “live” also screens with standard “stand-by” and “off” layout can be managed
  9. Displays can be used in halls, kiosks or on video walls also as info screen with schedule data or other dynamic contents
  10. MeetMe can also embed advanced display functions: survey management directly in the hall with the result projections, welcome messages on the video walls etc.

Event display types

  • Hall display (for presentations in the hall)
  • Session display (info screen on hall sessions: hall session schedule, current session with timer etc.)
  • Agenda display (event agenda data displayed in dynamic mode)
  • Voting System and Survey display (screen projections on live or previous surveys)
  • Special displays (with advanced automatic tools – e.g. Welcome message with name of the guest at the moment of accreditation)
  • Participant Display (used at accreditation desk, with courtesy messages at the moment of accreditation)

Speakers’ Slide

Speakers can hand over the material of their interventions to the technician in charge or they can upload it autonomously inserting their username and password.

There are many advantages of the autonomous job: it streamlines the secretary work, reduces errors or contesting and the presentation can be modified until the last moment.