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Basic Standard Pro
Monthly fee (not included VAT) contact us contact us contact us
contacts/month 3,000 No limits No limits
template management no yes yes
interface customization functions no yes yes
interface customisation done by MeetMe Team no no yes
logo and link MeetMe yes no no
statistics base advanced and G Analytics customized
contact lists standard standard and customized standard and customized
unit integration yes yes yes
onsite assistance yes, contact us for quotation yes, contact us for quotation yes, contact us for quotation
email sent 15,000 100,000 No limits
email recovery no no yes
contacts integration no yes yes
assistance basic through email quick – chat and email quick – phone, chat and email
email testing Litmus test and Litmus fee test and Litmus fee test and Litmus fee
web registration unit 1 for event No limits No limits
Invitation and confirmation email sending yes yes yes
onsite accreditations no yes yes
onsite attendance management no no yes
display management no yes yes
attendee’s website management no no yes
Ticket payment 1 Euro /ticket +2% 1 Euro /ticket + 2% or own PayPal account 1 Euro /ticket + 2% or own PayPal account
hotel allotment management no no yes
transfer management no no yes
questions/survey 10 100 No Limits
surveys/month No limits No limits No limits
welcome and closing pages yes yes yes
complex questions no yes yes
survey saving and reopening no yes yes
time survey no yes yes
quiz no yes yes