Mailing creation

Simple and at the same time advanced MeetMe tools help you manage mailings for promotional campaigns, newsletters, event invitations, reminders, save the date and much more.

Compared to the most known softwares, and this is its real strength, MeetMe combines high level software modules for mailing, events and surveys:

  • the same MeetMe contact list can be used for mailing, event inscriptions and surveys
  • mailing unit acts as a bridge between the Event and Survey unit for invitations and confirmations sending
  • mailing statistics are combined with those of all the other units


MeetMe Mailing

Even if MeetMe has been conceived as an Event management software, its Mailing unit has been empowered and simplified during the years and it has become popular also among those who do not manage events. Many companies use this MeetMe unit because of its user-friendliness and its function completeness.

Among the most interesting MeeMe functions we count:

  • text and graphics editor which generates an optimised HTML code for the emails
  • thanks to the “HTML template” function you can choose among a lot of email templates or create and save your template which you can use in the future
  • variables linked to Contacts, Events and Surveys which allow to generate customized emails
  • with Litmus, the innovative tool for email testing, you can check how the email will be visualised in the most common email clients
  • tools for contact import, automatic email correction and mailbox existence verification
  • advanced statistics regarding sent/not sent emails, email read and clicked links, top email readers, links to Google Analytics