Litmus email testing

What is Litmus?

Litmus helps more than 250,000 professionals to send emails without worries and to save their time. Litmus gives instantaneous email previews. Its tools guarantee quality with every email client for PCs and mobile devices. Furthermore, it includes analysis functionalities which help users to create, test, rearrange and optimise every email campaign.

What is email testing

Email clients show email HTML code differently. Furthermore, many email clients change the support to different HTML attributes without notice. The consequence is that the template you used a week ago could not work properly anymore. Testing your emails helps you to send them without worries, knowing that your clients will receive emails exactly as you expect it.

A nightmare for email marketing professionals – The email seems perfect in your inbox but it is completely messed up in the inbox of your members. Email testing helps you to identify strange visualisation behaviour and corrupted images before you click on Send. This operation is therefore crucial in the email production process.

These are the reasons why we signed a partnership agreement with Litmus, We wanted to offer you a powerful tool which allows you to have instantaneous email previews in every email client and the most popular devices directly in MeetMe.

How to use Litmus with MeetMe?

It is easy to visualise Litmus email previews in MeetMe – all you have to do is create a Litmus account.

Do you already have a Litmus account?

Go to MeetMe Mailing unit, click on the Litmus icon to access to Email previews, enter your credentials to access to your Litmus account, authorise MeetMe and that’s it! Having the possibility to create email previews without switching from a tool to another makes email testing as easy as possible.

New to Litmus?

By creating an account on Litmus will allow you to see email previews and to identify email issues directly in MeetMe. Furthermore, if you register, you can get the access to all additional Litmus tools, here included Spam Testing and the Global email analysis. Find out which are the Litmus funzionalities and choose the price plan which suits you better.

What do you get by subscribing to Litmus?

By subscribing to Litmus you unblock the access to email previews in MeetMe and at the same time you are able to use all the other Litmus functionalities , which help you to send your emails without worries.

The access to email previews in MeetMe is included in every Litmus plan. This is what you get considering the plan you choose: