Mailing contacts

All the MeetMe units share the same contacts – a single address book for email sending, event inscription and survey management.

Contacts import

It is possible to import contacts from any Excel file. You can choose freely to import only fundamental columns (name, surname, email address), some others or all of them. MeetMe gives you the possibility to manage a lot of fields linked to the contact and these can be labelled following your classification.

The Import function is provided with complex algorithms for duplicate contact removal, automatic email correction and the association of contacts to lists and groups.

Contact lists

In this unit you can group contacts for whom you are preparing a mailing. Contacts can be added to lists one by one or massively.

It is also possible to create advanced lists with segmented contacts by using only contact profile fields as geographical zone, age, area or points of interest..

Mailing contact statistics

For each contact are available statistics on the mailings sent, number of email read and problems linked to the email sending.