Online registrations

In just a few steps you can Create -> Publish ->Manage  the registration to the event through Web Forms.

  • Create from zero or choose one of the  graphic templates
  • Define as you like the fill-in fields, activate the countdown or the social links
  • Shape the email, the PDF and the confirmation web page
  • If you want… manage the payments through your PayPal account, the registrations on the event sessions or the surveys for the participants
  • Check the statistics, send the reminders, register from backend
  • .. and manage the accreditation and session attendance during the event!

Paid events: create one or more ticket types, activate a paying system (credit card through the platform or PayPal account) and add the tickets to the registration form.

Too complicated? Let the Wizard help you and don’t waste your time!

MeetMe - Modulo di scrizioneRegistration Form example